What is PM Music Zen Music Center?

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Celebrating 20 years of High Quality Music instruction in 2021

PM Music Zen Music Center is a professional music training institution.  We shine above other music centers because we focus on quality instructors who have studied music on a collegiate level with advanced degrees.  This allows us to emphasize style, and exceptional training.  With the proper guidance from our experienced faculty, music can soon be a part of your life!


We welcome students of all ages.  No matter your age, we will provide professional lessons of all experience levels.

We currently offer lessons for:

Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Classical Improvisation, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Guitar, Ukulele, Singing, Music Theory, Aural Training, Live Looping, and more!





Live Loopingusing music technology, either an effect pedal or music software, to record your sound and have it play back immediately live either through a speaker or amplifier, often layering many times over until a texture has been created which can then be improvised over.

Click to learn more about the teacher, Mr. Brett Armstrong, here!

Also taught by Mr. Brett Armstrong: Bass, Classical Improvisation, Audition Preparation

"It is becoming increasingly important for musicians to have a wide array of skills and knowledge. Music technology is vitally important to the modern musician, but often overlooked until well past college. We can utilize modern technology to practice, analyze, and transform our music. Learn how to get a high quality professional level recording, the basics of music recording softwares, and how to make informed decisions on the gear you need to get to the next level."

"While you become familiar with these basics, you will learn how to use music technology to practice effectively. In addition, you will be pushed to think creatively and pursue what interests you. Learn what it takes to make a pop song cover using only your instrument, how to radically change the sound of your instrument, or techniques on live looping. The possibilities are endless!"